Re-working the front garden

The front garden of our place has gotten a little overun. There’s some great plants in there – but it tends to have been a place I plant things to get them established – so it has turned into a bit of a mish-mash. I decided to tidy it up a little.

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A New Agave Garden

As I’ve been getting more experienced with growing plants – I’ve been a little haphazard. I’ve been focusing more on keeping things alive and growing than how they are arranged or landscaped.

I finally bit the bullet – and decided to try my hand at a little bit of landscaping.

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Plant Status: October 2020

I’m figuring it might be helpful to take some update photos regularly of the state of the Gardens/Plants so I can keep track of them. Consider this the first entry…

Front Garden (Succulents and Lemon Tree)

Bedroom Indoor Plants



Back Deck

I’m excited to see how everything goes coming into Spring and Summer. Stay tuned…

My Plant Wishlist

I love all the plants I have. And one of the things I’ve discovered over the last year is the crazy variety there is amongst even the most common of plants. It’s hard to overcome that feeling of ‘Gotta Catch ’em All!’

But still – I do definitely have a few plants which are on a ‘some day I will own one of these’ list. Want to know what they are?

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There’s something about Spring

An interest in plants has only been a very recent thing for me. It meant that last spring I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing, or what to expect.

My interest and understanding has really only accelerated over Winter – while everything is pretty well dormant. We’ve had some success with some Winter veggies (Radishes and Sugar Snap Peas) but most of my succulents, cactuses and indoor plants have been slowly biding their time.

But spring is on the horizon!

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Turns out I don’t mind looking after plants…

12 months ago I never would have expected to have as many plants as I do. The only thing they seemed to be good for was accidentally neglecting them till they withered and died.

Fast forward to now – and it turns out I kind of like them. Our house and garden are fillling up – and doesn’t look lilke it will stop. If I go more than a week or so without something new or interesting to grow, I start to get a little edgy.

So how did this happen? (Trust me – this is a question I’m asking myself)

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