There’s something about Spring

An interest in plants has only been a very recent thing for me. It meant that last spring I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing, or what to expect.

My interest and understanding has really only accelerated over Winter – while everything is pretty well dormant. We’ve had some success with some Winter veggies (Radishes and Sugar Snap Peas) but most of my succulents, cactuses and indoor plants have been slowly biding their time.

But spring is on the horizon!

I’ve started seeing flowers, buds and new growth and I am excited. It’s still early days yet – but I’m so excited to be heading into spring and summer (in the Southern Hemisphere). I’m particularly looking forward to:

  • Moving my 2 Cereus repandus (Peruvian Apple Cactus) outside into the summer sun now they’ve had the winter inside to establish themselves
  • Getting the Jasmine and Lavender going in our front yard. We’re hoping they’ll combine with the Native Bottlebrush to bring an abundance of bees.
  • Lemons. All the Lemons.
  • Seeing all my succulents go gangbusters – lots of growth (and hopefully some propogation.
  • Possibly trying out some new fruit and veg.

I’m excited about it – to see how it all goes.

What makes you excited about spring?

Published by Jordesign

I'm a web guy who lives in Wollongong, Australia with my awesome wife and 2 little girls.

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