Turns out I don’t mind looking after plants…

12 months ago I never would have expected to have as many plants as I do. The only thing they seemed to be good for was accidentally neglecting them till they withered and died.

Fast forward to now – and it turns out I kind of like them. Our house and garden are fillling up – and doesn’t look lilke it will stop. If I go more than a week or so without something new or interesting to grow, I start to get a little edgy.

So how did this happen? (Trust me – this is a question I’m asking myself)

It all started with an array of Succulents I’d been neglecting in the front yard. My mother had given them to us – and even set them all nicely together. But truth be told – they got almost no love at all.

Luckily, it turns out lots of succulents thrive on neglect – so they kept on growing and growing. One day I decided to yank out all the weeds in one of the garden beds and transplant the succulents from their pots. I didn’t think much of it until it was a few months later and they still hadn’t died.

Could I maybe keep plants alive, and never have realised it?

The next major step (and one that had failed before) was to try a house plant…

I decided to buy an umbrella tree from the local markets – as ended up trying to wrangle it awkwardly as I walked home.

And guess what? 12 months later it is still alive – and it seems to be the genesis point for my new-found love of plants.

Things have escalated significantly since then – and I imagine they’ll continue to do so.

So how did you first find your green thumb?

Published by Jordesign

I'm a web guy who lives in Wollongong, Australia with my awesome wife and 2 little girls.

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