Adventures in Accidental Plant Parenthood

& Succulents
&House Plants.
Oh my…

12 months ago I would have said you were crazy if you’d told me how many plants now surround and inhabit our house. Our only gardening talent was for killing plants that were considered indestructible.

Turns out things change. Join me as I continue figuing out how to grow my green thumb and become a plant dad..

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A new Cereus Monstrose cutting

This is just a short post to share my excitement. I picked up a cutting of a Cereus Monstrose yesterday – and can’t wait to see how it goes. It’s a beautiful speciment I picked up from Cactus Talk. Now I just need to be patient….

Re-working the front garden

The front garden of our place has gotten a little overun. There’s some great plants in there – but it tends to have been a place I plant things to get them established – so it has turned into a bit of a mish-mash. I decided to tidy it up a little.

A New Agave Garden

As I’ve been getting more experienced with growing plants – I’ve been a little haphazard. I’ve been focusing more on keeping things alive and growing than how they are arranged or landscaped. I finally bit the bullet – and decided to try my hand at a little bit of landscaping.

Plant Status: October 2020

I’m figuring it might be helpful to take some update photos regularly of the state of the Gardens/Plants so I can keep track of them. Consider this the first entry… Front Garden (Succulents and Lemon Tree) Bedroom Indoor Plants Nursery/Babies Vegetables Back Deck I’m excited to see how everything goes coming into Spring and Summer.Continue reading “Plant Status: October 2020”


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